Every design choice communicates a message.

Do you know what your business is saying?

In an oversaturated industry, clients are overwhelmed with options. What drives success and differentiates one business from another is BRANDING.

A well-designed brand creates an experience, cultivates community, and amplifies customer demand. Every business starts somewhere, and for most businesses, this means a business name, a logo design, color scheme, brand fonts, and an overall brand identity. With a strong brand identity that reflects you and your business goals, you are more likely to develop trust from everyone connected to your business including your customers. This leads to your business being able to succeed and start off on the right path.

With our logo designs and branding packages, we aim to create a unique, professional, and creative logo design that accurately represents you, your business, and your business's goals and aspirations.

With a Mac GraphiX logo design, your business will be able to create a strong and lasting connection with your target audience, invite new customers to get to know you and your business, distinguish you or your business from the competition, and allow your business to create lasting brand loyalty. Most importantly though, with our professional logo designs, your business will be able to have a new brand identity that you can be proud of, which you'll be able to think of as an extension of you and your business. Your logo and brand design is an investment for your business and must be treated as such.

Mac GraphiX offers a Complete Brand Strategy that includes Brand Development, Visual Systems, Logo Design, Digital, and Print Collateral Design, more than "just a logo".

All Brand Packages Include:

Where are you based ?

We have a Design Office in Dublin at Rathcoole. Our Physical Store is in Castlecomer Craftyard. Items can be Bought directly off the Website. Have a project in mind, talk to us about it today.

Are all the Items on View in your Physical Store?

No. Not everything is avialble to see at Castlecomer Store. Some items are in the design office, some at the store, and some are available to ship direct to you from our valued suppliers and partners. Please allow up to 7 days to receive your item.

How long will items take to recieve ?

Again, it depends on the item. Some are Take-Away items - so immediate Some are in-stock and delivered with a day or two. Some items are by Order Only, but in stock - so allow between 3-5 days Some items are for Order Only, not in stock or custom - so allow 4-6 weeks. Some items can be Customised, Branded, Painted, Upholstered - Allow 4-6 weeks.

I am an Interior Designer or B2B Customer, can we do some business ?

Yes. We can sell to the Trade, and can offer a discount based on quanitity or repeat business, sign up and let us know the type of customer you are. Looking for an unusual salvaged piece? Maybe you have a project with something specific in mind? Perhaps you'd like to comission us to make you something? Call us - lets talk!

I am overseas but love your products, can we arrange shipments abroad?

Yes. If you want to brief us on a piece, or commission us, or simply want something you found to be shipped overseas, contact us to quote freight. Have a project overseas, and want something speficially "Irish" or theamed? Talk to us today about fulfilling your request.



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