Using Flyers to Announce Church Events

It’s finally happening.

Your church is planning a huge event.

Church Anniversary. Pastor’s Anniversary.

You’ve scheduled the best speaker for the event. Your church musicians and choir have been practicing for weeks. You’re wanting this to be a life-changing event for a whole lot of people.

Obviously, there’s a whole bunch of different things that you can do to announce a big event. However, one of the most tried-and-true methods is using professionally designed church flyers.

Let’s talk about some of the advantages of using church flyers to announce events.

  1. Church flyers can communicate a lot of information. You can pack a bunch of information on one sheet of paper, and plus people can stand there and look at it for as long as they want.

  2. Church flyers can’t be unplugged or turned off. Emails disappear. Texts get buried. Even the little red notification in your Facebook feed will turn off after you click it. Church flyers aren’t that way. They’re going to stay there, proclaiming their message until you take them down.

  3. Church flyers can go in a lot of different places. Church flyers can be posted on community bulletin boards, some business establishments, stores, school bulletin boards, and virtually everywhere on the church campus. Even on social media. Obviously, you should gain permission before posting a church flyer anywhere, but the truth remains–church flyers can go far.

  4. Church flyers can be attention-grabbing. The better designed the church flyer, the more effectively it will promote an event. Well-designed flyers sell things.

  5. Church flyers can be memorable. (Especially when Mac GraphiX creates them) Our flyer designs are unforgettable, with a touch of genius, maybe even a touch of flair. Sometimes it was a really catchy header on the church flyer. Church flyers, done right, will be memorable. And that’s exactly what you want when you’re promoting an event.

Each of these points is true, but it’s not as if a church flyer is going to work just because it’s a flyer. That church flyer needs to have a few key features in place.

  1. The church flyer must be attractive. This is really, really important. Poorly designed church flyers are harmful to the promotion of an event. People see a jacked-up flyer, and they think, “Ooh, I’m not going to that. That flyer is a mess. I’m not gonna waste my time.” You’ve got to make sure that your church flyer just plain looks good. Like it or not, this generation is totally tuned into visuals. It’s a channel of communication all its own. The best way to communicate through this channel is through professional, high-quality, good design.

  2. The church flyer must be comprehensive. By “comprehensive,” we mean that the church flyer should contain all the relevant information regarding an event. If your church flyer is intended to promote a concert, then it needs to have some numbers—a date, the time, and the cost of tickets or admission (if applicable). If you’re requesting nursery volunteers with your church flyer, then people should know who to contact or how to sign up. Church flyers need to provide all the relevant information.

  3. The church flyer must display a good layout. The layout is an important principle of design. Church flyers have a logical flow to the way that they’re read. We’ll discuss this more in another post, but for now, just keep in mind the word simplicity. The simpler a design, the better. Clutter = bad. Simple = good.

  4. The church flyer must be distributed effectively. Finally, that church flyer is going places. Where? You need to decide, and you need to make this decision strategically. Plastering the town with church flyers is cool, as long as you’re plastering in the right places. Be aware that over-promoting, even with a cool-looking church flyer, can be obnoxious. Be careful. Be strategic.

Click the video below for some examples of well-designed flyers: (It's only about 35 seconds.)

Church flyers can be effective, but you need to have the right church flyers. That’s where Mac GraphiX comes in. Mac GraphiX knows flyers. I invite you to check out our Instagram to see our professional work. You’ll find that these professionally designed flyers will be the best church flyers that you’ve ever used to promote your event.

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