What you're missing by designing in Canva

What are you missing by designing in Canva? What is Canva?

Canva, is a web-based “design” tool, bills itself as a way to make graphic design easier and allow those without graphic design experience or know-how to easily make flyers, social media graphics, and even logos.

Yeah, logos....

According to Canva CEO and co-founder, Melanie Perkins, the idea behind Canva is to make graphic design accessible to everyone. With trendy templates and typefaces, it makes it easy for amateurs to design content from their phones. Just insert your photo or use stock photos, add text, a filter, and done! You’ve got Instagram-able content!

But check this out.

Canva makes you a graphic designer the same way a microwave makes you a chef. Yes, you can make a decent meal in a few minutes, but it’s going to be bland with no flavor. Everything in Canva looks like it was designed on Canva. I can do through my social media timelines and can immediately tell who’s designs were created in Canva.

It’s cookie-cutter.

Everyone has picked the same templates and the same fonts because Canva has limited templates, and, there’s a limit to the free design templates as well as the stock photos you can use. Then even some of the paid templates, graphics, and pictures are cheesy and generic.

Have you ever seen something that was created in Canva that made you sit up and say “WOW?” The content is passable and mediocre at best. It’s like hotel art, meant to look nice in the room and not offend anyone’s taste, but not really stand out either.

Here’s another thing…

Canva STILL requires a working knowledge of basic graphic design principles in order to make something that looks good or to at least avoid some design pitfalls.

I don’t want to be too hard on Canva because I’ve created some designed-for-you quotes for anyone who needs quotes for their #MondayMotivation or #WednesdayWisdom social media posts, however, it’s not for logo and flyer designs. Period.

Using Canva templates cheapens your brand. Yes, it’s quick and easy, but it’s only slightly better than Microsoft Publisher.

Do you really think your Canva images are unique?

Canva has more than 10 million users. Those users have seen all of the templates that Canva has to offer and they, too, can spot Canva content. They know when your brand uses it. And while non-Cana users might not, they know they’ve seen posts that look a lot like yours before. So, there goes unique brand identity.

You’re not fooling anyone. No one thinks your microwave dinner was made from scratch.

The problem isn’t that the average consumer will notice that you’re using Canva templates, the issue is that they won’t notice your content at all; having been bombarded with so much other similar content, they will just tune yours out.

Instead of using Canva, or even Word or Publisher as your go-to “design” tool, take the time to sit down with a graphic designer to discuss your flyer design needs. You should hire a graphic designer to create professional, unique, on-brand flyers for your events and promotions. Hiring a graphic designer is a better solution for your business that works a lot better than using Canva.

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