The Difference between a Cheap Logo Design and Investing in your Brand

What’s the difference between a cheap logo design and investing in your brand design? There’s a whole world of a difference!

Let me start by saying this…your logo is the face of your brand and it helps people identify you among other companies and recognize you when they see you. It is not your brand.

Now, cheap logos are just that…cheap. And they’re usually for people who want something quick and easy. You know, those posts that say, "I NEED A LOGO, ASAP".

The problem with buying cheap logo design is that 1 – you’re only getting a logo, and like I’ve said before, you’re getting an email and you’re probably not getting the correct logo files. 2 - You’re also not getting an idea of how to actually use your logo. And 3 – you’ll probably never hear from that designer again.

Check it out...

You have your logo. But how does it look on other applications? Flyers? Business cards? On the side of your car? Banners? In advertising?

You don’t know…

How does it work on social media? Does it fit into the dimensions of social media platforms? All of them?

You don’t know because you purchased it as a standalone one-off product. You’re buying the end product, not the service. And I guarantee, your logo is going to replicate someone else's.

Like one of my business mentors says, your business is your baby. And your baby will definitely benefit from more than a cheap logo design. You should invest in your baby! And if you can’t feed the baby, then don’t have the baby – shout to Michael Jackson, but seriously, your business is your baby and it needs to be branded!

Another thing I see with cheap logos is that when you purchase it, you haven’t built a relationship with your designer. That’s a big mistake! Building a relationship with your designer is important because it impacts the growth of your business.

By buying a cheap logo design you’re getting a one-hit-wonder. We all know what those are.

Cheap logo designs are very much a case of “thanks for your money, here’s your logo, bye”. And that’s not the way your designer should be doing business with you and that’s DEFINITELY not the way Mac GraphiX does business. The success of your business lies in the relationships you build.

When you’re investing in your business brand, you’re working with a professional designer to build your business and brand vision. You’re not communicating through a website’s messaging system, seeing bids from a bunch of designers, and picking a winner. That’s NOT how building a brand works.

Your professional designer should get to know you and your business. We have ideas, new directions, and areas for you to explore. We’re actually excited to help you build a brand, not give you a logo and never see you again. We want to help you. We want to help your business grow and we’re good at it. The more we can help you grow, and do for you, the better it is for you and the long-term success of your business. Working with a professional designer to communicate your brand will increase the value or the perceived value of your brand right out of the gate. When you invest in branding and brand identity, you’re getting a complete visual identity system.

Cheap logo design is for businesses with little to no vision. If you want to grow and do something more than just selling a product or service, you need to invest in your brand.

You may be popular; your business may be popular, but there's going to be a time when your popularity won't help you sell your services and products, that's why you need a brand strategy.

If you're ready to take your business or brand to the next level or you're ready to invest in your new business idea, contact Mac GraphiX today! Let us help you with your brand identity which is way more than a logo design.

The value of good design can't be ignored. Invest in your business today!

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